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Ben Affleck Finally Explains Why He’s Mentally Challenged


Actors should stick to acting.  Ben Affleck is the latest poster boy for that idea.

What happens when one person has just too much power and there is no one checking that power?

That’s a question you might expect to associate with this year’s presidential election, but it’s the central theme of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the superhero smackdown opening in theaters on Friday.

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It’s hard when watching the movie, which has a major political storyline involving Senate hearings questioning Superman’s actions and a senator played by Holly Hunter, not to think about the current political landscape and the 2016 presidential election. And audience members aren’t the only ones with the political in mind.

“One of the things that I say in this movie is, ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely,'” Hunter told USA TODAY on the red carpet for the film’s NYC premiere. “Thomas Jefferson was talking about.”

Holly is an airhead.  The “absolute power” quote thingy wasn’t Thomas Jefferson it was Lord Acton.  It Holly’s IQ was as big as her bust measurement she likely would have known that.  Although, to give her a small break, the studio PR people probably fed her the line.

Anyway, Affleck admits that the latest Batman is a political movie.

“(The screenwriters) had many conversations about politics and the nature of politics in movies,” he said. “This is a movie that has a substance to it…and is provocative. I don’t think it’s strident, I don’t think it’s preachy, but I think it does raise the question of, ‘What happens to us when we become afraid of one another?’ which is a very current theme. It doesn’t mean to lecture at you or to hector you, but I do think that it’s a ballsy movie and evocative, and a movie that isn’t just about two cartoon characters slugging it out.”

“Substance?”  Yeah, right.  Given the players, the “substance” was probably cocaine.

Anyway, I want to thank Holly and Ben for their comments, they just saved me $40 and a wasted afternoon.  I’ll wait for Netflix.


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