Alabama Republican Assembly Calls for Impeachment of Governor Bentley!

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Alabama Governor Robert Bentley refuses to resign, despite the bizarre recent sex scandal.

Now the Alabama Republican Assembly is calling for impeachment of Governor Bentley!

In a letter from Alabama Republican Assembly President, Jennifer Montrose, both the Alabama House and Senate are requested to begin impeachment proceedings in the event that he does not resign in a timely manner. (See the full text of the letter after the video below)

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is standing firm on his position to stay in power despite the recent sex scandal.

 A member of the State Executive Committee of the Alabama Republican Party wrote a letter calling on the chair of the state GOP to demand the Governor’s resignation. Governor Bentley Refused.

The Alabama Young Republicans have demanded his resignation. Governor Bentley Refused.

Many others have called for his resignation. Governor Bentley Refused.

At first Governor Bentley lied and denied the relationship with his political adviser Rebekah Mason, only to have a complete audio recording of their affair released online.

Not only has Governor Bentley, the “family values” Republican, participated in an extra-marital affair, it seems he fired Alabama top cop Spencer Collier for not going along with trying to hide the scheme.

What is worse, is with all the blatant evidence, Governor Bentley CONTINUES to LIE and DENY the affair. Shameful!!

Last fall, Governor Bentley and his wife divorced after 50 years of marriage. There were widespread rumors about  an affair.

The story became a legitimate after Collier held a press conference claiming he had been fired for failing to go along with a scheme to hide the governor’s scandal.

The Alabama Republican Assembly is calling for impeachment of Governor Bentley!
The Alabama Republican Assembly is calling for impeachment of Governor Bentley!

Governor Bentley then held a bizarre press conference to apologize but it was unclear what he was apologizing for or even to whom.

The Governor Bentley acknowledged his inappropriate communications with Mason, but insisted he never had any “physical relationship” with his top aide.

This prompted the Birmingham News to release an audio recording of Governor Bentley and Mason having a private intimate conversation with her in which he detailed quite a bit of their romantic and physical interactions.

Since that point Governor Bentley has had numerous calls to resign.

Yellowhammer sources are also confirming that both the Alabama Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney’s office have launched criminal investigations into possible wrongdoing stemming from Governor Bentley’s inappropriate relationship.

Get the popcorn~

In an exclusive report by Yellowhammer News, Governor Bentley is on the phone with Rebekah Mason. 

Full letter:

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Jennifer Montrose


[email protected]

Alabama Republican Assembly Responds to Governor Bentley Affair Allegations

Tuscaloosa, Alabama: The Alabama Republican Assembly has passed a resolution in response to the allegations of an affair by Governor Robert Bentley:

WHEREAS, The stated goal of the Alabama Republican Assembly is to act as the conscience of the Republican Party, and

WHEREAS, Alabama’s former top law enforcement officer Spencer Collier has publicly accused Governor Robert Bentley of an extramarital affair with his senior political advisor Rebekah Mason, and

WHEREAS, Audio recordings have been publicly released to and by the media that allegedly contain conversations between Governor Bentley and Rebekah Mason of an inappropriate sexual nature, and

WHEREAS, Governor Robert Bentley has publicly admitted that these audio recordings are in fact between him and Rebekah Mason, and

WHEREAS, these audio recordings contain explicit references to past extramarital sexual activity, and

WHEREAS, this extramarital affair is a violation of the values and beliefs of the Alabama voters, and a betrayal of their trust, and

WHEREAS, the Alabama Constitution does specifically state in Section 173 that “moral turpitude while in office” is an impeachable offense,

THEREFORE, the Alabama Republican Assembly board does publicly request that the Republican supermajority in both houses of the Alabama Legislature impeach Governor Robert Bentley in the manner proscribed by the Constitution in the event that he does not willingly resign his position in a timely manner.

Jennifer Montrose, President
Alabama Republican Assembly

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