60 Minutes Crew Attacked by Masked “African Males”: Had Nothing to do with their story.. hint hint.

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An Australian 60 Minutes crew working was attacked and injured while on assignment in Stockholm, doing a story about the influx of Muslim refugees.

The group of attackers were “African Males” with masks.

But I’m sure that had nothing to do with the story they were working on..


At least that’s what everybody is saying… And they look nice enough. Unless you’re a masked African male. Then: different story.

The Daily Mail reports that the 60 Minutes team was interviewing residents about the European migrant crisis in the suburb of Rinkeby when they were set upon twice by ‘a group of young African masked men’.

‘When a cameraman got out of the car, a car drove up next to him and the African driver of the vehicle began to fight,’ the crew reported.

‘After two minutes fuss about why they would shoot right in Rinkeby as the driver drove over the cameraman’s foot. The man fell and lay still for a moment while the team continued to film the car quickly drove away.’
Police were called and took statements but once they left another group lay siege on the Australian crew.
‘A photographer was attacked and received a blow on the mouth with a closed fist so that the bloodshed occurred,’ wrote Jan Sjunnesson.
‘A jar was then discarded into the camera. At the same time attacked another photographer who also was beaten right across the chin so that a tooth loose.’
The team then decided to leave Rinkeby.

Just a random masked men attack. Nothing to see here..

Other than being attacked by masked men, very pleasant trip probably. Peaceful.

Outside of the almost being killed by people you’re reporting on thing.. oops – did I say something?

Too bad Dan Rather wasn’t there. He would have gotten to the bottom of it.


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