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4 Nuns Bear the Brunt of ISIS Evil: Sickening


Since their inception, 1,400 years ago, Muslims have been slaughtering, raping, and enslaving their neighbors. ISIS is just the latest variation.

It’s so common that Muslims butchering a group of nuns doesn’t even raise an eyebrow.


In Baghdad, this time, suicide bombers killed 31 people.

The blasts happened at the Shia district of Sadr City and were caused by two suicide bombers.

The so-called Islamic State (IS) group says its militants had carried out the attacks and more would follow.

The mainly Sunni group, which controls large swathes of northern and western Iraq, has attacked numerous Shia targets in the country recently.

Sunday’s blasts, the worst to hit Baghdad in recent months, injured at least 50 other people, Iraqi officials said.

… and in Yemen they attacked an old peoples’ home run by nuns.

Pope Francis has condemned the killing of 16 people, including four Catholic nuns, at an old people’s home in Yemen.

He called Friday’s gun attack in Aden an “act of senseless and diabolical violence”.

Reports said the attackers pretended they were visiting their mothers to gain access to the home.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, though Yemeni officials have blamed so-called Islamic State.


But never fear!  The Obama administration is on the march.  To the negotiating table.

What I don’t understand is, why are we negotiating?  Obama keeps insisting that we’re not “at war” with anybody in the Middle East – except maybe those pesky Jews – so what is there to negotiate?

The Middle East has turned back into Muslims slaughtering Muslims.  I say we leave them alone, seal off the region so nobody can get out and send the so-called “refugees” back.  Let them fight it out to the last man standing.

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