3 Gophers Make Sex Tape: Yes, You Read That Correctly.. [VIDEO]

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Three membersof the University of Minnesota “Golden Gophers” (made you look!) basketball  team have been suspended after being linked to an explicit sex tape.

Two graphic scenes in particular are being blamed for the quick suspension.

Official at The University say two freshmen and one sophomore Gopher were the Gophers in question.


Gopher. There – you get it now?

CBS reports that comments on the message board website Gopherhole.com said one of the players, Kevin Dorsey, posted two graphic sex tapes to his Twitter account on Friday. Dorsey’s Twitter account is no longer active. Shame. So we can’t show you the tape.

We weren’t going to show you the tape. Besides our Editor is busy going over it.

Anyway, the U says freshmen Kevin Dorsey and Dupree McBrayer and sophomore Nate Mason are being disciplined for violating team rules. Perhaps “discipline” and “violating” could have been replaced with other words, but hey – I’m no college dude…

I’m just glad I’m not on the recieving end of this sex tape because have you seen the size of some of these basketball playa’s?

Meaning their height and weight, you pervert.

So stop here if you’re faint of heart and don’t want to hear the gory details. Scroll down the rest of you:




One fan who goes by “die hard gopher” on Gopherhole said he saw the videos, and that both showed two men having sex  with one woman. He also said the women were different in each video.

He also wrote in the second video Dorsey was visible, and “you could clearly see his face although he is the only one that I could see. Both videos were extremely graphic.”

While the U would not confirm that any videos were a factor in the players’ discipline, they said they know of no criminal investigation into any actions by any of the three players.

Criminal defenst Joe Tamburino said posting a sex tape on social media is not a crime, (thanks for the tip, Mr. Current Events), but the recording of one can be a crime if anyone in the video does not know they are being recorded.

“If you knowingly participate in a sex video, that video could be used for all sorts of things,” Tamburino said.

It is not clear if all the participants in the reported videos knew they were being taped.

If they find out the people didn’t know they were being taped, the case is a slam-dunk….

Hey now.


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