17 year-old Released on Bail For Allegedly Holding Down Gang-Rape Victim is Back in Jail: Shocker…

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A girl reportedly held her friend down so her boyfriend could rape her.  Yep, it really happened.  The pair, along with two other “friends” were arrested.

Here’s one of the rapists and one of the two girls who allegedly held the rape victim down so Mr. Dreadlocks and his two buddies could have some fun.

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The incident was captured on film, and in the footage, Avery and Patricia Montes appear to be standing over the half-naked, weeping victim as she struggled to free herself from her attackers. Prior to holding the girl down so Jayvon Woolfork could reportedly rape her, Avery and Montes are accused of kicking, punching and pepper spraying the girl. Lanel Singleton, who filmed the alleged rape, and Dwight Henry, were also charged with crimes stemming from the incident.

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Is there anything people won’t video these days?

All the teens involved were charged with various crimes, and a little over a month after she was released on bail pending her trial, Avery found her way back to jail for allegedly violating the conditions of her pre-trial release by accessing the Internet. Pictures of Avery were reportedly posted to social media, and one of them appears to show the teen holding a smartphone in her hand. Despite claims that Avery sent a threatening message to the victim while out on bail, her lawyer says those accusations are false and blames the threatening messages on Avery’s sister.

Montez, who is juvenile, cut a deal with the cops to testify.  Avery is reportedly being offered he same deal – 4 years in prison and 2 years probation – but this most recent incident may change that.

Good job of picking your “friends” girls.


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