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You Know You’re a Socialist Hack When Nancy Pelosi Runs Away From You:


“We’re not running on any platform of raising taxes,” Nancy Pelosi said at the Democrats’ yearly issues conference in Baltimore.

Notice she’s never said “we’re going to raise taxes” ever in her life? It’s just not on the platform..

But Bernie Sanders is not afraid, Madame former Speaker What-a-disaster-that-Was:

NancyPelosi crying or laughing

The Bern even said his “Medicare-for-all” healthcare plan would raise taxes on the middle class.

Wow – the last time a Democrat admitted that was Walter Mondale… oops. Slaughter.

“We will raise taxes, yes we will,” Sanders said during a Democratic town hall in Des Moines, Iowa this past weekend.

Sanders was quick to remind everyone of unicorns and pixie dust: That the savings achieved due to his healthcare plan would offset the costs of the tax increase. He called critics of the strategy “disingenuous.” We call them “people with brains.”

I’ll make an exception with Hillary and Nancy here:

Clinton was quick to pounce, saying Sanders’s plan differs from her vow not to raise taxes on middle income Americans.

Pelosi was then quick to say although she’s supported the single-payer strategy for decades, now she’s not. “The nation’s healthcare system has evolved in a different direction,” she said, …”and the political conditions are simply not ripe to scrap the existing infrastructure in favor of Medicare-for-all.”

This is the woman who said she never read ObamaCare before shoving it down our collective throats, remember:

“He’s talking about a single-payer, and that’s not going to happen. I mean, does anybody in this room think that we’re going to be discussing a single-payer?

Bernie, I hate to admit it – but when you have both Hillary and Nancy against you – you’re doing something right. What that is, no one is sure, but you really need to start planting those trees that money grows on…

Steny Hoyer, the Democratic whip, got in on the action bitching about the Republicans for focusing their legislative agenda on efforts to undo ObamaCare without offering alternatives of their own.

“Sixty-two times repealing the Affordable Care Act is not sufficient,” Hoyer said Wednesday. “They need to show what they want to replace it with and let the American public understand the consequences of their proposals.”

… How about replace it with my old plan and my old doctor?

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