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Will This Footage Cost Hillary the Election? You Make the Call.


The Iowa Caucuses are on Monday and it looks like Hillary has had enough of the Hawkeye State. So much so, she was caught on tape as needing a “little breather”. Well, it is hog country. What did you expect? 

Video has emerged showing Hillary Clinton telling attendees at a fundraising event in New York on Thursday that she appreciated being able to take “a little breather from Iowa.”

“I just can’t tell you how it feels to be in a room with so many people I do know and have worked with and admired and appreciate to be here in Westchester County having a chance to take a little breather from Iowa,” Clinton told an audience gathered at the headquarters of RPW Group, a large real estate development company based in White Plains.

In a story from The Daily Caller:

The cost to attend the breakfast fundraiser — which was closed to the press — ranged from $250 to the maximum $2,700 campaign donation limit.

Clinton’s visit to RPW Group was part of a short East Coast fundraising tour sandwiched between events in Iowa, where caucuses will be held on Monday. Clinton’s top presidential competitor, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders , criticized the former secretary of state for attending the fundraisers, and, he said, neglecting Iowa voters.

This was Bernie on Twitter:

Bernie Sanders: speaking tonight in Mason City, Iowa.
Hillary Clinton: at investment firm fundraiser in Philadelphia.

In addition to the breakfast in White Plains, Clinton attended a fundraiser in Philadelphia on Wednesday hosted by the financial firm Franklin Square Capital Partners. The cost to attend that function, where musician Jon Bon Jovi played, ranged from $1,000 to $2,700. Sanders has assailed Clinton for the political donations and speaking fees she’s reaped from financial firms.

Well, we all know it is about the money for Hillary. That’s all it’s ever been about – power and money. Hillary would rather be smoozing with celebrities and big wigs than doing “The Grassley” with hog farmers. Guess we’ll find out how that worked out for her soon enough, won’t we?



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