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Whoopi Goldberg Calls Herself “A Slave”: Is She Fired?


Whoopie Goldberg is making a nice living out of being a racist – using the N-word at will and an unending claim that Republicans are bigots.

Her latest attacks have been aimed at Donald Trump, telling him what he should and shouldn’t say, who he can and can’t make fun of and who he can and can’t offend…

Isn’t she supposed to be a comic?

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And who could forget her infamous description of herself as a “Slave” despite making millions in horrible conservative Capitalist America?

Hat tip: Daily Mail:

ABC executives are up in arms is Whoopi Goldberg’s performance as a slave backstage at The View.

The moderator of the troubled daytime talk show was apparently frustrated with the new executives in charge and how ABC has cut her out of decision-making for Hot Topics by moving the meeting for the segment outside of her contracted hours.

To act out her frustrations last week, the Oscar winner reportedly called herself a slave and spoke in a dialect that slaves once spoke in.

A show source told Daily Mail Online: ‘She was out of control. She paraded up and down the halls saying, “I’s a work for ABC who is my master. I’s a slave to ABC. It’s 12 Years a Whoopi at ABC.”‘

But come on, she couldn’t be done, right?

Whoopi was reportedly infuriated by the expectation that she would arrive 30 minutes earlier for work. She reminded them: ‘I’m contractually obligated to be here at 9am and you won’t see me a minute earlier.’

When are they finally going to fire her?

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