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[VIDEO] of Brazilian man putting FOUR of These In His Mouth: Not for the faint of heart…


This falls under “Stupid People Tricks.”

The gruesome footage, filmed in Goianésia do Pará, Brazil, shows Arteval Duarte putting a chicken snake, a rainbow boa, a Coral snake and a Clelia snake in his mouth.

Duarte is a performer who has worked with reptiles for over 15 years and aims to raise awareness about deforestation in the Amazon.

He has been nicknamed the ‘Ninja of Serpents’ thanks to his snake antics, all of which he finds in the wild.

Chicken snakes are harmless and come from North America.

The rainbow boa gets its name from its iridescent sheen and is found in Central and South America.

Coral snakes possess one of the most potent venoms of any North American snake, but few bites have been recorded due the reclusive nature of the snake.

Clelia snakes do have a mild venom, but pose no threat to humans as they very rarely bite even when handled. They too come from Central and South America.

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