Trump: “I can change into anything anytime I want to”

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Trump: “I can change into anything anytime I want to”.  Mr. Trump – the time has come.

Donald Trump called Bill Clinton before running for President.  It has been well documented that the Donald has given a lot of money to the Democrat groups which brought us open borders and Obamacare.  These donations included those to Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel, Dick Durban and Harry Reid.

Donald Trump and Rick Santorum are the only candidates to show up for the oldest and largest Republican grassroots organization's Presidential Preference Convention.

Trump is on record for supporting the mandate part of Obamacare, while also supporting government paid health care for all. He advocated for the Gang of Eight amnesty plan and told “dreamers” with whom he met that they “convinced him”.

Trump is fond of using intimidation and threats against those who disagree with him.  When the owner of the Chicago Cubs, a friend of his, was found to have donated to someone other than him, he tweeted this: “I hear the Rickets family are [incorrect grammar is Trump’s, not mine] secretly spending $’s against me.  They better be careful, they have a lot to hide”.  He is building his Enemies List, it would seem.

While we can applaud Trump for bringing to the conversation the subjects which the other candidates would not voice.  The way he is running his campaign is not laudable.

It seems that Trump supporters (just like the Hillary supporters) don’t care what Trump does, or what he says and how he says it.  After Trump’s condemnation of Ted Cruz for voter fraud, his supporters will turn a blind eye to the voter fraud Trump and/or his supporters committed in Nevada.  During the Nevada caucuses his supporters actually wore Trump shirts, which is totally not allowed in Michigan Precincts.  We would have been kicked out for even wearing a pin.  Voters I.D.s were not always checked and some voters got more than one ballot, while some precincts ran out of ballots, forcing voters to wait a long time for the privilege of voting.  Trump told all of us that Cruz left the state that morning and is not worthy of their votes.  Cruz was in Nevada visiting caucuses all day.  Trump’s supporters won’t care.  They will not care that he crashed another candidate’s allotted speaking time at a Nevada caucus – the action of a bully and a narcissist.

The Donald recently said he would be a “much different person” as President of the United States compared to his persona as a Republican presidential candidate.  Would he be a different person from the one who used “Eminent Domain” to try to take a person’s home from her so that he could build a casino, a parking lot, or a golf course?  Would he be a different person from the one who is being sued for fraud for his Trump University?  Would he be a different person from the one who will not even condemn partial-birth abortion?  Will he be different from the one who lied about his former positions on the Iraq War, falsely accusing George W. Bush of lying about WPM?  Will he be different form the one who lied about his initial support for amnesty, the one who has bragged about the illegals who helped build his buildings?

I will repeat: Donald Trump has said, “I can change into anything anytime I want to”.

It appears at this time that Donald could well be our Republican candidate.  With that in mind, I humbly suggest to him that NOW is the time to change

He might help Trump non-supporters to vote for him in November, flaws and all, if he would “change” to one who refrains from name-calling and insults; to one who refrains from intimidation;  to one who makes it appear that he is not still a teen-age schoolyard braggadocio bully; to one which might let us picture you speaking in a measured way with our friends and enemies; and to one which makes those who are not now your supporters want to vote for you.

He IS a better alternative than either Hillary or Bernie, after all.  We may have to hold our noses and vote Trump just to keep a Progressive from filling that Supreme Court with another liberal justice.

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