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Tool Time Star Tim Allen Says Democrats are “Tools”


It turns out Tim Allen isn’t a Democrat.  And it sounds like he’s got no use for them either.

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Allen, star of the hit Tool Time and now starring in Last Man Standing, is an unusual character.  He’s a Hollowood big name and he’s not trying to elect Hillary or Bernie.  He’s not campaigning for Republicans either, but he’s certainly saying the right things.

Here’s what he said to the Hollywood Reporter (that’s their name but they report on Hollowood.)

I’m not going to say it’s conservative, but it certainly is not left. For most of my life, I’ve been taxed above 38 percent. When you’re a young guy working the road and literally close to half of what you make goes to people who don’t help you at all but just bitch about it the whole time, that’s where I come from. I come from “no taxation without representation,” and it manifests itself in very peculiar points of view.

What riles you up the most?

Unearned responses, unearned praise, unearned income: I have opinions about it. When you watch the debates, on both sides you see clowns who say shit that ain’t ever going to happen, but lately one party is the free shit party. They are just telling people they’re going to get all sorts of free shit. When you say you’re going to get free education, free health care — f—, free brown loafers — of course everybody’s going to say “yes” to that. But you don’t mean it. That’s how you rack up debt, and debt is killing us. Whatever party is going to get us out of debt is my party.

He goes on to say that he likes John Kasich, so you know he’s not all that conservative.  After all, Kasich is the guy the New York Times just endorsed.  But he’s certainly not a supporter of the party of “free shit.”

We used to have the Stupid Party and the Evil Party.  Now we’ve got the Stupid Party and the Evil Party of Free Shit.

Except, all that shit isn’t free.  You and I are paying for it. Nothing is free.



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