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Think This is Bad? Wait’ll Obama Begins Pardoning Freaks and Sociopaths


For the Clintons, Presidential Pardons were a political tool for payoffs.  For Obama, pardoning Muslim terrorists may be the new standard.

Bill Clinton handed out pardons like Halloween favors for those he found politically useful.  Some of those could actually come back to haunt Hillary.  Assuming she survives her own little scandal with email.  And Benghazi.


Just as Hillary Clinton braces for yet another release of her much-discussed State Department emails, the Clinton Library this week released the largest set of records ever—more than 43,000 pages—detailing her husband’s use of his executive clemency powers while he was president.

The long-secret records include new information on some of the late-term pardons and commutations that created controversy, including a pair of pardons that followed intervention of one of Hillary Clinton’s brothers.

You can bet Republicans will combing through those documents with smiles on their faces.

16-0130 GITMO1

Hillary’s brother sold a pardon for $325,000.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The Clinton White House was processing pardons like there was no tomorrow, because with George Bush coming into the Oval Office there was no tomorrow for people like Marc Rich.

With the end of Obama’s term coming up I can’t wait to see who he’s going to hand out pardons to.  He’s already pardoned drug dealers to make a political point, the big question is, will he empty out GITMO with pardons?


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