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The end justifies the means – just ask Megan Kelly


The end justifies the means – just ask Megan Kelly.  Only after the last debate did Kelly admit that she totally and purposely mislead us.  The last Fox News debate featured Megan Kelly’s badgering of Ted Cruz.

First, here is what she said to Cruz at the debate: “It [the immigration bill]would have allowed for legalization, but not citizenship. Yes it would. Pressed last month on why you supported legalization, you claimed that you didn’t. Right? Like you just did.”


That’s a pretty unambiguous assertion that Cruz did absolutely support legalization on immigration.

Only after the debate, during their self-congratulatory discussions, did Kelly tell Cruz the truth:  “I looked back at your record a lot to see, did Ted Cruz really want legalization or didn’t he?  I think the record supports you that you did not want it.  It does.”

Megan had pounded Cruz with video statements about his proposed amendment to the immigration bill, suggesting that by even proposing an amendment equals wanting the bill to pass.  She would take no explanation by Cruz that his amendment would have prevented illegals from ever becoming citizens – that he did it as a poison pill.  If he could get them to add this amendment, the bill would never be passed – which was his intent.  He kept saying he does not and never has wanted legalization nor citizenship for those who came here illegally.  Still, knowing better, Megan badgered him to make him look bad to viewers.

Instead of condemning Megan, or asking her to put out the truth in her next TV show, he showed uncharacteristic weakness against one who wants to take him down.  He asked for Megan to meet his daughter.

Megan was totally unprofessional and biased, trying to take Cruz out. Forget the truth, just hammer a point you know to be untrue in order to get your desired outcome!  It has become quite obvious that Fox news is intent on taking out the candidacies of both Trump and Cruz.  Lying and misleading are acceptable.

Kelly is using the old liberal mantra of using any means to get a job done – “the end justifies the means”.

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