Tax $$Millions Being Spent on ‘White Privilege’ Indoctrination of Children

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Another volume in why putting kids in public school is child abuse.

They may not be able to read or write but they’ll know all about white privilege.

Hat tip EAG News:

15-0626 White Privilege

There’s no question that the Pacific Educational Group, a San Francisco-based education consulting company, is a successful for-profit enterprise.

It’s a standing tribute to American capitalism, and the success that entrepreneurs of all races can experience in a free market economy.

Of course PEG’s overt mission is to improve educational opportunities for black and other minority children.

The company sells the notion that the American education system is unfairly based on traditional white cultural norms (white privilege in schools) to the benefit of white students and the detriment of minorities.

The product it sells to schools involves training for teachers and other staff members, so they can better understand and relate to the needs of minority students.

Schools all over the nation – mostly in blue states – are hiring these idiots to make sure the white kids in their schools feel bad about themselves.  Or something.

16-0225 Privilege

Here’s what school districts are spending millions on.  And remember, many high school “graduates” can’t read or do simple arithmetic.

One keynote speaker at the PEG’s Summit for Courageous Conversations back in 2009 was Antonia Darder, a professor who has worked at several American universities. She once gave a speech entitled “The Neoliberal Restructuring of Cities, Education Policy, and Possibilities for Social Transformation Through a Marxist Lens.”

Darder clearly has a dark view of capitalism and its impact on the nation and world.

“We must remove the blinders and see capitalism as the generator of scarcity,” she wrote in The Critical Pedagogy Reader. “Seldom do we find with the resounding praises paid to technology a discussion of how technology revolutions have exposed the wretchedness of capitalism – millions of people dying from starvation alongside unprecedented wealth.”

As I said, putting your kids in public school is child abuse.

And guess who is supporting this trash?  Barack Obama’s best friend, Bill Ayers.

All four of the previously mentioned speakers are supporters of Bill Ayers, a Marxist educator and former member of the radical domestic terrorist group Weather Underground, which was accused of blowing up U.S. government buildings.

Ayers is a leading proponent of using the education system to recruit new radical activists.

“We share the belief that education is the motor force of revolution,” Ayers was quoted as saying in a 2006 speech to the World Economic Forum in Caracus, Venezuela.

Any questions?


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