Once Again, Sweden is WAY Ahead of America in HealthCare… you might want to know why, though.

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Sweden has had socialized medicine and massive taxation to fund it LONG before ObamaCare was even a thought in the average American’s mind.

They were WAAAAAAY ahead of us on that one – and now, they’ve beaten us to the punch again!

Residents of Sweden figured out what a bunch of dumbasses they were to try socialized healthcare in the first place and are now switching back to a private, market-based system just as fast as their little meat balls will let them!

Sweden Democrats party's campaign against begging

Hat tip The Libertarian  Republic: “Sweden Is Upgrading to Private Healthcare”

When leftists fantasize about Northern Europe, the first thing they think of is the region’s enormous public spending and its overly generous welfare state. However, as with all dreams, the time is coming to wake up. Along with several other social services, Sweden’s iconic “free” healthcare system’s days are numbered.

The number of private health care insurance policies has increased in recent years. In 2011 about 440,000 people had private health care insurance. Most of these people have their policy paid by their employer, and nearly one in ten Swedes now has private health insurance.

From The Local“It’s quicker to get a colleague back to work if you have an operation in two weeks’ time rather than having to wait for a year,” privately insured Anna Norlander told Sveriges Radio on Friday. “It’s terrible that I, as a young person, don’t feel I can trust the health care system to take care of me.

This is an unfortunate reality in an industry where suppliers cannot predict market prices for a service and therefore must ration, causing poor service and over-inflated demand. The only logical conclusion that one could derive from this situation is that demand for supplemental private insurance skyrockets because of the inadequate government healthcare system.

In the 1970s, Sweden began to replace its market economy with a socialist planned one. When that proved unaffordable in the 90s, Sweden then began to re-privatize industries and let economic laws of laissez faire capitalism begin to take root once more. Now, Sweden’s public spending has decreased nearly 20% in the last 20 years and its taxes are lower than France, Belgium, and Denmark.

Oh don’t worry, we’ll get around to scrapping this worthless, socialized ObamaCrap soon enough, but those Swedes – you just can’t keep up with them!

By the way, Swedes regularly experience year-long waiting times for cancer patients…

… Because you know, the cancer waits around as long as necessary for the government to get around to it..


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