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Stories Like This is Why Most Americans Hate the Public School System!


This is another episode in the continuing series of why putting children in public school is child abuse.

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“It’s for the kids.”

KENOSHA, Wis. – Perhaps we’ve reached the point where government can’t even be shamed into controlling its spending.

In 2013, EAGnews released a report revealing that the Kenosha, Wisconsin school district had spent large and questionable sums of taxpayer dollars on hotels, air fare, rental cars and restaurants during fiscal year 2011-12.

To their credit, the folks at television station WTMJ produced an investigation piece based on our report, and confronted Kenosha school officials about the spending.

Following that, one might have expected at least some Kenosha school officials to start taking a closer look at their spending practices and economize wherever possible.

But that apparently hasn’t been the case.

EAGnews recently completed a review of the district’s spending for the 2014-15 school year, and guess what? The amounts spent on the categories mentioned above were pretty much the same.

Take hotel charges, for instance. In 2011-12 the district spent $153,038. In 2014-15 it spent $166,305. That’s probably about the same amount of travel, with inflation figured in.

Needless to say there’s lots more, but you can follow the link if you’re an accountant.

We would expect if the “educators” in Kenosha had anything to say they would probably say, “It’s for the children.” That is, after all, the standard drivel we hear from “educators.”  You would probably think that the school system in Kenosha, Wisconsin with the reckless spending habits is doing a good job teaching the kids of Kenosha.  You would be wrong.

The simple fact is that Kenosha schools lag behind the state average in academic scores, according to the 2013-14 report card issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Any chance the school district will be held accountable? It’s my guess that won’t happen until parents start pulling their kids out of “public school” and enrolling them into private charter schools, or even better, homeschooling.

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