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Stephen King: The Shining Bigot


There’s ony one thing worse than a far-left liberal: A leftist bigot. They want everybody to think they’re not discriminatory, but if you’re in a group that doesn’t fall in line with their “progressive” (I laugh when they use that word) ideology – it’s open season for the most hateful, vitriolic bigotry in America.

Conservative and black? You’re an Uncle Tom – a “houseslave” an “Oreo.” You’re not really black. Conservative and white? You’re a “tea-bagger” (a gay slur, by the way). I could go on, but the Party of slavery, ‘Separate, but not Equal’, Jim Crow and anti-Civil-Rights tend to save their worst for people of Faith –


In an interview with The Daily Beast, here’s what Mr. Dead Zone had to say about why he doesn’t like Senator Ted Cruz:

“… because Cruz is a fundamentalist Christian and it would almost be like electing the analog of an Imam …”

You know what Stevie? You’re a fundamentalist loser. That’s right – all that money and fame and success, due mostly to being surrounded by 250 years of Judeo-Christian law and morality, and you think Christians are like Imam’s?

Pretty easy to be a liberal when you’ve grown rich from Capitalism and live in Maine, surrounded by white people just like you, Steve. But you’re a hater, dude. I’m calling you out, you leftist douchebag. I’d love for you to go to an actual place where there ARE Imam’s and try your hand at criticizing them… What would happen if you repeated the same words, but replaced the Christian slur with with “fundamentalist Islam” in a country ruled by Imams?

You’d probably end up like most of the folks in “Lawnmower Man.” What a craptastic read that was. But Cujo wasn’t finished:

King continued; “… I don’t think he (Cruz) could get elected. And, even if he was able to govern without blowing up the world, could we look at a guy who resembles a cable game show host for four years? He has that awful plastered-down hair and everything.”

Wow – you’re a frickin’ riot Stevie – didn’t know you did comedy in addition to two horror books a week. And you’re such a looker yourself, aren’t you?


Hey babe, want to go back to my place and watch me churn out a POS best-seller in a half-hour?

A bigot is a bigot, is a bigot, King Paperback – and chances are there’s plenty of other groups that scare you too. It’s just so politically-correct to pick Christians isn’t it?

Those very Christians who founded the country which allowed you to write your hackneyed POS horror “novels.” That’s right – they’re built for ignorance and who better than the top ignoramous to feed them all the “scary” stuff they crave.

Although Dolores Claiborne was brilliant, I’ll give you that. But you’re a Delerious Clayhead. See what I did there? That was in honor of your prolific book writing career – I just churned out the first thing that came into my mind. That’s lazy.

But so is bigotry. You lazy bigot.

And get this: Politicians in his home state of Maine have actually tried to persuade him to run for governor, but he has said he has no ‘political aspirations’. That’s the kind of State Maine is. The people want “Governor Boo-Berry”… jerk.

If Christians were really as you think they are – we’d have made short work of you a long time ago. But we’re nice people (maybe not me) for the most part and we turn the other cheek. If a member of your family were in trouble – someone like Ted Cruz would help you out, not some Socialist or a-hole who lives in Maine. Who lives in Maine? Mostly people who only want to be surrounded by snow and other white things.

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I have a title for the next horror book you’re going to start and probably finish this evening. “Being Steven King”

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