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If Marco Rubio is a Serious Contender Then America Has Problems


Chris Christie took a clear shot at Marco Rubio this week, comparing him to Barack Obama. Rubio and his defenders discounted what Christie had to say and defended Marco’s record as a “public servant.”

But Gov. Christie has a point.

Sen. Rubio is indeed a one term senator and served in the legislature Florida before becoming Senator. President Obama was a one term senator and served in the legislature in Illinois. Like Obama, Rubio has never actually been responsible for running anything.

Marco Rubio beat back an argument this afternoon that he’d be anything like Barack Obama, another first term senator, if he becomes president.

‘Barack Obama is not a bad president because he lacks experience,’ Rubio said at a town hall today in Manchester. ‘He’s a bad president because he has bad ideas and bad ideology.’

Rubio also defended his record of public service and took credit for passing veterans accountability legislation and a law that deals with human trafficking of young girls.

If Rubio wants to site his record, I’m much more concerned about the fact that he still trying to defend his signature “Gang of Eight” legislation with his good Senate friends such as John McCain. I’ll have more on that in another post.

I think Gov. Christie makes an excellent point, but the fact of the matter is that after New Hampshire, voters have cast their ballots; we’re going to have a three-man primary race and Chris Christie will be one of the three. Marco Rubio, well…not so much.


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