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Rubio Habla Espanol on Amnesty: [VIDEO PROOF]


Marco Rubio was the key member of the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” who tried to jam amnesty for illegals through the Congress.

Rubio is committed to amnesty for illegals no matter what he says now.

Here’s Rubio with Jorge Ramos.

DACA is just fine.  We can’t “round up and deport 12 million people.”

16-0131 Marco1

Of course we can Marco and here’s how you do it without “deporting” anybody.

  1. Make hiring an illegal worker a felony.  $10,000 fine per illegal, one month in jail.  Felony can’t be reduced to a misdemeanor.  The fine and the jail time goes against the business owner or the highest ranking corporate officer of the business if it’s a public company.
  2. Renting housing to an illegal, same penalty.
  3. A valid eVerify form in the employee/renter’s file is a positive defense for the employer/property manager.
  4. A valid eVerify form is required to apply for benefits from any government welfare program.
  5. Set up a “guest worker program” for agriculture only.  The business managing the guest workers must account for all of them and if they don’t, same penalty as 1 & 2.

This works because the fines are large enough to have them collected and they’re personal, so they’re large enough to financially destroy business owners and property managers who break the law.  The felony conviction is also important because you can’t get a business license, a liquor license, or a realtor’s license with a felony.

No body gets deported, when they can’t find a job or housing or government benefits, they leave.

Problem solved Marco.

In November of last year, Rubio elaborated on his support for DREAMer amnesty. Rubio told reporters at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire that his “ideal way” of transitioning out of Obama’s amnesty would be for it to be “replaced by a reform system that creates an alternative.”

“The ideal way for it to end is that it’s replaced by a reform system that creates an alternative,” Rubio said.

In other words, Rubio is saying that there is no situation in which illegal aliens are not authorized to fill American jobs. In Rubio’s mind, it is just a question of when the legalization transitions from an executive amnesty to a legislative amnesty.

Maybe one day I could support Marco but certainly not now.

Take positive action to remove illegals – 12 million plus – from the U.S., build a wall on the Southern Border, and vigorously support tough immigration laws that put American needs first and then we’ll talk.  Until then, go back to Florida.


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