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Republicans Cutting Back Number of Debate Participants by 300 lbs:


Personally, I like Chris Christie and I always have. I wish he would continue in the race for the presidency for a couple reasons:

First, Marco Rubio is a weasel. And Chris Christie is the only one who exposes him as the canned, well-rehearsed opportunist that Rubio is. Marco keeps saying the same thing over and over, thinking people don’t notice.


And since most people are idiots, voting for establishment phonies, I guess it’s the right strategy because Rubio is still hanging in there. Sadly, Christie’s votes are probably going to the only candidate who’s a bigger disaster than Rubio, and that’s Jeb Bush.

The Washington Examiner reports that CBS News announced its criteria for inclusion in its South Carolina Republican debate Feb. 13, a full week before the South Carolina primary. Included are the top three finishers in the Iowa caucuses (Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio), the top five finishers in the New Hampshire primary and the top five finishers in an average of national and South Carolina polls recognized by CBS starting Jan. 15.

I’d hate for it to come down to Trump, Cruz and Bush because Trump and Cruz would split half the vote and Bush would be sitting there with just enough to win. I’m not kidding you when I say I’d rather have Hillary than Jeb.

I’m dead serious. At least the GOP Congress would have to behave if Hillary were president. Do I have to remind you what happened last time a Bush President had a majority GOP Congress?

The results of that spending party paved the way for Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Black Jesus – who showed the corrupt Republicans how screwing the nation is REALLY done.

CNN is reporting that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has suspended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination after a disappointing finish in New Hampshire, a source close to the campaign said Wednesday.

Christie made the announcement on a call with his campaign. He staked his hopes on New Hampshire, but finished sixth on Tuesday night with just 7% of the vote.

Please vote for Cruz. No candidate it perfect – but at least Cruz does what he says he’s going to do. Trump will not get rid of ObamaCare and you know it. He’s said on many, many occasions he likes socialized medicine in one form or another and having Keno in the West Wing is not my idea of fun.

Anywhoozer – bye Chris – we dug you for a while.




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