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Proof That Trump Supporters Will Be Betrayed


“The World Trade Center came down during the reign of George Bush,” Donald Trump at one point shrieked at Saturday Night’s Debate.

This is the guy you want as your President? Although technically true – anybody with an ounce of critical thinking knows that attack was in the works for a dozen years.

Hardly George W. Bush’s fault, yet there was Donald acting just like a shrill Obama or Hillary.

16-0130 Trumpette

Why does that surprise anyone?

Donald Trump simply isn’t credible as a proponent of Constitutional liberty, prosperity, and security.

I the middle of Ted Cruz explaining items Trump has approved of, when he got to the “Partial-birth abortion” part – Trump started screaming “liar-liar” like a school yard bully.

Notice he didn’t deny it? Why? Because he can’t – it’s the truth. Trump supported Partial-birth abortion, single-payer (socialized) medicine and spent a career praising and donating to Democrats including Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, and Bill de Blasio.

He’s even bragged about greasing the skids in that way.


Now he wants you to believe all of a sudden, he would oppose the things all these people stand for. I don’t believe it, and I have no reason to believe it.

Also, this BS about self-funding: Trump constantly says he is funding his own race, and that while people are offering him “millions,” he doesn’t want to accept it.

The “super PAC” that was soliciting contributions to support Donald J. Trump’s presidential run is closing down after questions arose about whether the strategist who is running it had direct ties to the campaign. This super PAC, “Make America Great Again,”  began in July, soon after Mr. Trump declared his candidacy.

But the Colorado-based strategist who is running it, Mike Ciletti, told Politico that he plans to shut it down – when he found out Trump was bragging about not getting help from PACs.

The group raised unlimited contributions, was eagerly soliciting donations from people, including the parents of Mr. Trump’s son-in-law. Mr. Ciletti sent an email, first reported by the Washington Post, to prospective donors at the beginning of September, in which he said that he had gotten people’s emails from those that “Rhona had on file.” Rhona appeared to refer to Rhona Graff, who has for years been Mr. Trump’s gatekeeper.

“Without the help of Make America Great Again, Mr. Trump will be left alone to fend off Jeb and the other candidates,” Mr. Ciletti wrote in the email. “While I don’t doubt Mr. Trump’s ability to fight back, I don’t believe he should have to stand alone. If all the other candidates get to count on their friends to help out, why can’t Mr. Trump?”

The Washington Post also reported that Mr. Ciletti was seen in the Trump offices within weeks of the campaign starting. Corey Lewandowski, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, told the paper he did not know Mr. Ciletti, but later acknowledged that he did.

ALSO: TrumPAC — which was founded by a donor with help from a Tea Party activist — has a classification that allows it to raise both super PAC money and hard-dollar contributions that it can direct to the campaign. What’s unclear is exactly how Mr. Trump’s campaign, which has denounced super PACs and has sent letters to others using his name asking them to shut down, feels about it.

Dan Backer, an election lawyer working with TrumPAC, explained that the group is a “hybrid,” meaning there are two separate bank accounts: one that directs regulated donations to the campaign, and another that collects money for a super PAC, which can raise unlimited funds. He said that several hundred dollars had already been given to the campaign. He declined to say what kind of interactions the group might have had with the campaign in terms of directing donations to them.

All of this gets somewhat confusing, since Mr. Trump has repeatedly said he doesn’t want super PAC support and has made turning down large donations a staple of his candidacy. He often says he is funding his own campaign, a statement that is true to a point — he has loaned his campaign $12 million but has also raised millions in small donations.

And this BS about Trump never going bankrupt (which is a nice, legal way of saying “screw you” to people you owe money to):

1. Trump Airlines 1989-1992 defaulted on his loans.
2. Trump Magazine: 2007-2009
3. The New Jersey Generals, 1983-1985, his poor investing and poor decisions caused them to shut down.
4.Trump University: 2013 The NY Attorney General, Eric Schoeiderman sued Trump for defrauding the students, closed.
5.Trump Entertainment Resorts..Filed for Corporate bankruptcy 4 times: 2004=1.8 billion debt, 2008-2009 1.8 billion debt, company missed 53.1 million bond interest payment, Finally 2014 the company filed for bankruptcy again.
6. Trump Towers, he didn’t complete it and the buyers lost their deposits.
7. Trump Mortgage 2006-2007 Closed.
8. Trump Steakhouse in Vegas, closed because of 51 Health Code Violations and 5 month old duck and expired yogurt. Reopened, but don’t know for sure if it is still his.
10. Trump Vodka…lack of interest..Failed 2011.

There’s plenty more, but you know why at the top of the Trump Hotels it says, “TRUMP”?…

… because there’s not enough room to write “LYING DOUCHEBAG”


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