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Proof That Hillary Clinton is for the Little Guy


People are asking for the transcripts of Hillary’s speeches to people like Goldman Sachs.  They should also be asking for the contracts.

Hillary Looking Over Her Shoulder

Democrats, and Hillary especially now that she’s a Presidential candidate, are always waxing about “rich, entitled Republicans.”  Here’s what she demands to show up for a speech.

When UCLA leaders asked her to speak, and requested a discounted price, they were stunned to find that her “special university rate” was $300,000, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post concerning her March 5, 2014, appearance.

[…]Hillary, a presumed 2016 presidential candidate, demanded a backstage menu that included “diet ginger ale, crudités, hummus and sliced fruit.”

She wanted the onstage chairs to include “two long, rectangular pillows,” and required two more cushions ready backstage.

Only two group photos were allowed, and they had to be pre-assembled “so the secretary of state isn’t waiting for these folks to get their act together . . . She doesn’t like to stand around waiting for people,” according to an email from a UCLA administrator relaying the concerns.

Meanwhile, SUNY Buffalo revealed it paid Hillary $275,000 for a speech last year, and agreed to such demands as $1,000 for a stenographer to provide her a personal transcript.

She also insists on staying in the “presidential suites” of luxury hotels, and requires a private jet to and from the venues, according to records involving her $225,000 speech at a University of Nevada fundraiser, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Please read that again and tell me just “who” is the rich, entitled person in this picture?




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