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Poor brainwashed child


Now this is fascinating — and very very sad.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a column for WND entitled Help! My 15-year-old daughter is having sex! It sparked a lively debate among readers, many of whom flatly disagreed with my stance and defended teen sex as normal and healthy.

Just this morning (I get notifications of such things) another comment was added to the column from a 15 year old girl as follows. Some horrific swear words were “bleeped out” (I get the unedited version). Before reading her comment, please read the column first to understand the context.

As a fifteen year old girl, who is a virgin, a straight A student, a feminist, and a liberal (things you obviously don’t agree with) the first thing that came to my mind after reading this is what the ***.

Firstly, I would like to comment on the homeschooling/ private school section of this. Children put in private schools, especially religious ones, tend to have sex earlier and party harder because when you are put in a strict environment you tend to want to rebel. Children who are homeschooled, if they don’t have enough extracurricular activities, are weirdos. Sorry, but people have to interact with other people their own age. A fifteen year old shouldn’t be spending all her time with her parents. You need friends and interaction to be able to learn how to function in society and be able to create your own opinions and ways of thinking.

Next, lets talk about the slut shaming in this. Having sex, no matter your age, does not make you a whore, slut, bad person, or anything negative. Sex is a decision between two people and they can choose to do whatever makes them comfortable. You cannot speak for someone you have never met. You do not know why she chose to have sex and you can’t say it was from pear pressure because you do not know. Maybe she felt ready and her boyfriend felt ready so they made the decision to have intercourse with each other. Maybe she thought it would make their relationship better. Maybe she was horny and decided to just go for it. You don’t know and it’s not your place to guess or to judge. You also cannot speak for this girl’s mother when you talk about what you think her parenting style is. You have not met any of these people so you cannot speak about them or for them.

I will also talk about how you say staying married is important. Single parents can raise a child perfectly fine. A person doesn’t need a mother and a father, they just need female and male role models. Staying married won’t change how early someone has their sexual debut.

Now lets talk about contraceptives. These are so very important because whether you like it or not teenagers are having sex. In every generation in the past, present and future teenagers have always been and will always have sex. Contraceptives like condoms, the pill, IUDs, the shot, the patch, etc. reduce the chance of a person getting pregnant. This is important because sometimes people don’t want a kid. Is that surprising to you? People are going to have sex no matter what so providing birth control is necessary to prevent teen pregnancy.

You also made a facetious comment about abortions. Any living creature has the right to decide what happens to THEIR body and who gets to “use it”. This means no one gets to use their body without permission. That could be a man, a woman, or in the case of abortions a fetus. You are in control of your own body and no one gets to use it unless you say okay. So if someone decides to terminate a pregnancy because they don’t want a child to grow inside them, that is their *** damn business and it should not concern you. I am not pro-abortion, I am pro-choice. Meaning that I believe no one else should have a say in what you decide.

To close my argument, although i have so much more to say about this, I’ll talk about this comment, “Too often, modern parenting techniques are antithetical to the old-fashioned time-tested ways to raise children, complete with restrictions, religious values, discipline, repercussions, training and high expectations of moral behavior.” The reason for modern parenting techniques instead of old-fashioned time-tested ways is that people evolve with the times. If we didn’t we all would be sold into marriage, people would be stoned for committing crimes, and we would burn “witches” at the stake. Times change and so should parenting techniques. When your baby cries you probably shouldn’t give it whiskey or wine because we now know that alcohol is bad for people, especially infants. Swaddling techniques have changed. Car seats have changed. Dietary habits for kids has changed. Disciplinary acts for teenagers has changed. Approaches to dealing with teenagers expressing their sexuality has changed because now we now better. Do we know everything? No. Is that okay? Yes. Should we be open to other opinions? Yeah. Should you realize that things change and thats okay? Yup. No matter what you tell your kids are they still going to make their own decisions? Yes because everyone is an individual and you have to realize that. Get with the times and open your *** damn eyes because sheltering your kids isn’t going to help anyone.

To be quite truthful, I feel achingly sorry for this child. Liberals like to accuse conservatives of “brainwashing” their children to be good moral decent citizens. But can you honestly say this poor kid hasn’t been brainwashed into liberalism? She parroted every talking point in the left-leaning spectrum without, I’m guessing, any true comprehension of how easy sex, easy contraceptives, and easy abortions can impact a young girl’s life forever.

The progressive mindset that self-control must equal repression is a clear sign of this girl’s immaturity. Hey, the sky’s the limit, do whatever you feeeeeel like doing! Who cares what the consequences might be? If the 15-year-olds in question feel “ready” for sex, whoo-hoo! The kids are “horny” so they shouldn’t bother their little heads about about self-control — go for it! If the birth control fails, that’s what abortions are for!

Thanks but no thanks. I’d rather have teens who are “weirdos” (her term) than teens like this young lady. I don’t want to “get with the times” if the “times” produce fruit like this.


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