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Panera CEO BANS Guns From His Restaurants: 2 Guesses What Happens


The CEO of Panera Bread Company recently turned all 1,800 of his stores into gun free zones to protect his customers.

You can guess how that worked out.

On February 10th, two Harford County sheriff’s deputies were killed in a shootout with 67-year-old David Brian Evans at a Panera Bread location in Abingdon, Maryland.

16-0215 PaneraLG

The company’s strict anti-gun policy, did not stop David Brian Evans from wielding his gun on the premises, or from tragically ending the lives of two police officers. But it did stop other patrons from being able to intervene to help the officers.

As the Washington Post reported, the Harford County Sheriff’s Office identified the victims as Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey, a 30-year veteran, and Senior Deputy Mark Logsdon, who had been with the force for 16 years.

Great job Ron Shaich, I’m sure the Deputy’s families appreciate your concern for your anti-gun customers.  Your announcement made Panera a target for any nutcase who wanted to get his name in the paper.  There were no citizens in that store who could have helped the officers.

16-0215 Panera2

We have a Panera here in Phoenix Ron.  Occasionally Mrs. Curmudgeon and I eat there.  I’ve never been in your store without my Glock and I have no intention of leaving it behind should we happen to stop in again.

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