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Once Again – Democrats Betray America?


The Democrats simply want the destruction of America and blood in our streets… there is no other logical explanation for this.

They just blocked a bill that would have tightened the vetting process for Syrian refugees coming into the US. Refugees that cannot be vetted at all and who surely have ISIS Jihadists in their midst.


The bill passed overwhelmingly in the Republican House late last year and the Democrats just torpedoed it. In my eyes, that is nothing less than treasonous and suicidal.

From Pamela Geller:

After the San Bernardino jihad slaughter demonstrated the catastrophic failure of our current refugee vetting process, why would the Democrats oppose tightening the process?

The party of treason. ISIS has vowed to send jihadis into the West via refugee migration.

While the measure passed overwhelmingly in the Republican House late last year, Senate Democrats had vowed to stop it, and they did.

This should not be political. It is logical, but the Dems are aligned with the jihad force.

This is a bill that would have greatly tightened screening procedures on refugees from Syria and Iraq. It failed on a procedural vote in the Senate on Wednesday, saving President Obama from another veto scenario.

Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions valiantly fought against this happening, but the Democrats had other ideas. None of them are in America’s best interests. This is why you see Trump rising to win the Republican nomination and why he will probably be our next president.

Americans are scared of terrorism and should be. The Democrats make a joke of our national security and our safety, all for a political agenda.

The bill, which the House passed in November, 289 to 137, with nearly 50 Democrats supporting it, would have required that the director of the F.B.I., the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and the director of national intelligence confirm that each applicant from Syria and Iraq poses no threat, which the White House denounced last year as “untenable.” Just a few months ago, Republicans were highly motivated to halt the refugee program.

On Wednesday, they seemed resigned to move on. But Americans aren’t and this is why they are fed up with Republicans as well.


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