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Nut Doesn’t Fall Far From Trump Tree


Is this why people are so excited about Trump? Because waterboarding is really nothing MORE than joining a Frat House? Really? …Does that mean it’s one big Reality Show party with the Kardashians? Come on man!

Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s son, likened waterboarding to “what happens on college campuses and frat houses every day.”

Monday night on Fox News’s “On The Record” with Greta Van Susteren, Eric Trump argued his father “would keep this country safe.”

Van Susteren asked Eric Trump, “What does that mean…what would [Donald] do that’s more than waterboarding?”

As Mediaite reported, Eric Trump argued, “Well, listen you see these terrorists that are flying planes into buildings, right? You see our cities getting shot up in California. You see Paris getting shot up. And then somebody complains when a terrorist gets waterboarded, which quite frankly is no different than what happens on college campuses and frat houses every day.”

You have got to be kidding!! What an idiot! Our country’s destination should not be left in the hands of someone that thinks our military, intelligence and national security…should all be related to joining a frat! 

It’s nice that he has an opinion on something like waterboarding. I’d like to know how he squares with the First Amendment and his policy of discriminating people based totally on religion.




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