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Nurse: Scalia Pronounced Dead Without Examination. JFK Anybody?


I’m not big on conspiracy theories, but the death of Justice Scalia is certainly ripe for a number of them.

It will probably end up right there with the Kennedy assassination.

Or maybe even bigger.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - JANUARY 20: President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy after Kennedy's Inauguration, January 20, 1961. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – JANUARY 20: President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy after Kennedy’s Inauguration, January 20, 1961. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

Here’s a perspective from a nurse, and remember, nurses deal with death all the time.

It has led to many speculating foul play was involved despite what those at the scene claim. A primary area of concern centered on reports that Justice of the Peace Cinderela Guevara never examined Scalia’s body, but pronounced Scalia dead over the phone. As a friend likes to say, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

From a nursing perspective, there is quite a bit wrong with this picture. Let’s start from the beginning. In looking at the circumstances surrounding the finding of Justice Scalia dead, there will be a look at Texas Statutes and many rhetorical questions will be posed because it is being evaluated through a nurse’s eye based on medical perspective.

Here’s some personal perspective.  My dad was an elected official in northern California and he died from a massive heart attack about 40 years ago.  It was unexpected, he was in good health and was fixing breakfast before a Saturday morning tee time.  He reached for his coffee cup and boom!  The medical examiner said he was dead before he hit the floor.

I bring this up for several reasons.  The biggest reason is that an autopsy was performed by the county medical examiner.  My dad wasn’t a controversial figure, he was the County Superintendent of Schools in a small, rural, northern California county.  He was very well known among his peers and was very well liked.  He wasn’t threatened by anybody.  Yet the county officials performed an autopsy.

No autopsy was performed on Antonin Scalia, a very controversial Justice of the Supreme Court.  A man who was hated by progressives who filled social media with all kinds of vile commentary after his death.  Yet no autopsy.  He was immediately embalmed which would wipe out most any forensic evidence of foul play.

Why no autopsy?

Why was Justice Scalia seemingly pronounced dead over the phone by a local justice of the peace?  Why were the police not called when it was reported that he had a pillow over his face?

Why were Texas laws not followed?  Texas requires the local justice of the peace to determine if an inquest should be held to determine cause of death.  This particular JoP decided to just pronounce Scalia dead and forget the inquest.  Never mind that he has no legal authority to pronounce anybody dead.

There’s lots more that is questionable about Scalia’s death and how it was handled by local authorities, including, why federal authorities were not called in.  Where was the Secret Service?  You can read more about the dysfunction surrounding his death at the link above.

Bottom line, we’re never going to know if Scalia was assassinated – Vince Foster where are you? – or whether he died of natural causes.  You can be sure that opinions will abound though.  What’s yours?  Share it with us in the comments.



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