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If You Are Not A Fan Of Flipper, You Should Be!


I personally am a big fan of Flipper. Dolphins are very tasty.

Allison Teal, from Hawaii, likes Flipper for another reason. She’s found a pod of dolphins that will play “fetch” with her. Really.

She first met the dolphins when she was three-years-old and says she would sing a song to make them appear.

Two decades later the dolphins remain her ‘ohana’ – meaning ‘family’ in Hawaiian – and she hopes to be a voice for dolphin survival across the world.

Alison said: ‘I discovered a special tree that I could climb high up in and scout the secret bays for the gleam of their silver fins.

‘Grabbing my snorkel and fins, I’d swim a quarter mile off shore and spend hours alongside side them as one of the pod, trying to mimic their sonar noises.

‘When I about six or seven-years-old, climbing in my dolphin scouting tree, I decided to pick a few leaves and swim them to the dolphin tucked in my bikini.

Once in the middle of the pod, I let go of the leaf and after circling it for a few seconds one of the dolphins swam alongside the leaf and picked it up with its fin and then transferred it to his tail and flicked it back to me.

‘I grabbed it and flicked it back and the ‘leaf game’ was born.’

Lucky Flipper!


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