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No Way to Treat a Tomboy


Isis is a classic tomboy.

She is feminine enough that you would not mistake her for a boy, but she wears all black with a chain for her wallet and almost always has a baseball cap on.

I will see her in car once in a while, just her and a bunch of guys her age. Most of her body language says I am male, do not mess with me.


I got in trouble using that word tomboy when I was on the streets in Portland. Now, I am libertarian enough to allow people to define themselves however they like too, including by gender, but if you are going to lecture everybody who does not subscribe to or does not yet understand your world view, well, where is the fun in that?

I ran into Isis dowtown today, she was recently kicked out of the family house. She was high on something, but maintaining pretty well. She had on a blue top and just that one piece of color feminized her look quite a bit. I was sad to see how scared and vulnerable she looked.

I have been a little lazy with my spiritual practices recently, but seeing her made me want to deepen my connection to Christ and find my compassion spot, so as to be a kinder presence for her.

I know her family and her mom struggles with addiction and is overwhelmed trying to keep a family going while being unemployed with no partner in crime, so to speak.

Isis is a caretaker and obviously worries about her mom, but like most kids secretly thinks: come on mom get it together and help take care of me. She has a younger brother still in grade school who is starved for kind male attention. I see him on ocassion at the Reach Out Center and will toss the nerf football with him or play board games.

boy prays
Isis has been sleeping on couches of people she barely knows, and stays up all night on her phone trying to keep the fear at bay. She just kind of roams downtown during the day, I imagine dreaming of a world she can feel safe in. She has a lot of good skills going for her including, feist, humor and kindness. So if you have a mind to pray, say one or two for Isis if you think about it.


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