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New Hampshire White Privilege: Too funny for words.


College students – drenched in white privilege – are a parody of real people.  These dweebs at the University of New Hampshire are really special snowflakes.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog paid a visit to UNH in honor of the coming election.  If you’ve never heard of Triumph you’re in for a real treat.

OMG.  Barely a smile from the lot.

“Now can I hump your leg?”

Here’s the really sad thing about this video: The “Insult Comic Dog” is saying what we all want to say and these kids also have an opinion they’re afraid to give out.

These college idiots are truly scared to speak their mind?

Can you imagine that being the case when we were in college? What kind of life is that, walking around afraid to say what’s on your mind?

I’ll say this much:

This was the best video I’ve ever seen… TOO POOP ON!



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