Men of Faith if not Convention

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I know a couple of hobos in town, both young guys who naturally have a lot of faith.

One carries a bunch of Bibles in his pack which he reads frequently.

In his case it also helps counteract a deep sense of paranoia; I understand the paranoia as do most who have been through some kind of body violating trauma.Missing Man Photograph

These gentlemen like to joke that Jesus would never return to the earth after what the world put him through. It is a metaphor for their own lives of course. I have always been kind to people and here I am on the streets with nothing.

These guys can usually find a place to crash at night be it on a friends couch or someone’s hotel room precisely because they are kind and people like having them around.

I ran into one of them yesterday and by his mannerisms I assumed he was high on heroin. Turns out it was meth which calms him down because of his ADHD. He was deep in his paranoia; claiming Michelle Obama and half dozen federal agencies were after him.jesus-christ

Despite this he was very kind and we shared a smoke he bummed from a passerby and gossiped about the goings on out at the hobo day center we both frequent.

Everyone needs friends and to feel connected. One guy heard him rambling about Obama and gave me a look like we both knew my friend was crazy. I am a little ashamed to say I half returned the look.

But my point is if we are going to make it as a people we are going to have to become comfortable with people who make us uncomfortable and don’t share our same world view. I believe Christ can provide us with that comfort so that we can truly serve the so called least of our brothers.

That above paragraph may be a little too much lecture and nobody likes being lectured, I know I don’t.  But I want folks to know just how happy you can become getting to know people you never even thought you wanted to know. Imagine if you knew everyone in your neighborhood regardless of race or social status. I can tell you what, you would feel a lot safer and so would everybody else. Isolation kills community. Here is a Hobo Metaphysics about how to approach people you may not know so well. Pretend everyone you meet has had it worse than you.

Hobo John here and I love you with everything that I have. That is the truth by God.

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