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Let the “Scalia was Murdered” Party Begin:


I’m not a conspiracy nut for one reason: There aren’t any.

And the true events which people incorrectly call “conspiracies” are merely bad deeds carried out by more than two people.

But you just knew the death of Supreme Court Justice in Obama’s last year in office would spawn it’s share…


I figure – what the heck, if you can’t beat ’em, – join ’em:

First and formost: Why was this labeled a ‘natural death’ prior to an autopsy being done? Who stands to benefit the most from his untimely death? Scalia put Americans and the rule of law before politics, so naturally, President Obama hated him.

Get used to this headline:

‘They Killed Judge Scalia’

As was quickly pointed out by Matt Drudge on the Drudge Report, an entire slew of cases with conservative causes that were to be argued before the court this year including immigration, 2nd Amendment Rights and abortion may now turn against conservatives with the death of Scalia. Could the assassination of ‘Constitutionalist’ Scalia be what helps the globalists ensure the completion of their ‘new world order’ and the long-planned overthrow of America?

Was Scalia ‘eliminated’ by a covert operation originiating within the Obama administration due to the power that he held in his position within the US Supreme Court that he could have used to help shut down Obama’s push to overthrow America?

Wait – remember  the murder of Vince Foster and the 1999 ‘shoot down’ of a plane with John Kennedy Jr. in it to help ensure a Hillary Clinton NY Senate seat? Then there’s the “heart attack gun” that killed Andy Breitbart.

The Hill previously reported on the Supremes’ decision, and explains why this vote was so important to the Obama administration.

“The court granted the request in a 5-4 vote on Tuesday night, saying the rule was on hold until the circuit court reviews it and Supreme Court appeals are exhausted. The court’s four liberal justices dissented from the decision.

The rule — the Clean Power Plan — is the main plank of Obama’s climate change agenda. It’s designed to cut carbon pollution from the electricity sector by 32 percent over 2005 levels by 2030 by assigning states individual reduction targets based on their energy mix.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement that the administration disagrees with the order, but ‘we remain confident that we will prevail’ when the rule is argued on its merits.

The stay means Obama will likely leave office with the fate of his premier climate policy undecided.

The circuit court plans to hear arguments on the rule in June, meaning the Supreme Court probably won’t get a chance to hear or rule on the regulation until after Obama’s term ends in January.

So Obama needed to be sure that his climate change “masterpiece” would be taken care of even after he was out of office, and that would never happen under a Republican president and a conservative majority Supreme Court.

There’s also a LaVoy Finicum was assassination connection (the old JFK one is getting stale, I guess):

Breaking: Justice Scalia Murdered?

Posted by Alex Jones on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Within hours, Justice Scalia’s death set off an intense round of calls to local and federal officials as they tried to navigate the protocols associated with the death of a sitting Supreme Court justice.

Sometime after 3 p.m., the Rev. Mike Alcuino of the Santa Teresa de Jesús Church in Presidio arrived at the ranch to administer the last rites to Justice Scalia, a Catholic.

“It was just proper to call in a Catholic priest for the last rites,” Father Alcuino said on Sunday. He said that he had been alone with Justice Scalia when he performed the rites, which took about 10 minutes.

In Presidio County, which has fewer than 7,000 residents, the two justices of the peace were busy when they learned of a death at the ranch that required an inquest.

“No identity or clue was given that this was not another body found by hunters in the desert,” David Beebe, a justice of the peace, wrote in an email Saturday night, after he learned of Justice Scalia’s death.



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