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Jimmy Kimmel is a Gutless Religious Bigot


Some liberals are super irritated, because some of our presidential candidates have personal relationships with Jesus Christ. They get all uncomfortable when they quote scripture (unless of course they’re using scripture to push socialism and/or a vast welfare state.)

So Jimmy Kimmel Live decided to simultaneously mock Jesus and his followers by having “Him” quote Republicans.

This is stupid for multiple reasons. For starters, these liberals–who admit that they don’t believe in God and therefore don’t have a relationship with Him–act like they actually know what Jesus is like. They assume they know how the Creator of the universe feels about our petty little issues. They have this fluffy, soft, touchy-feely depiction of Jesus, and that’s crap. Jesus didn’t walk on rainbows, smell like lavender and spend His days singing Kumbaya. He said some radical things and slapped people upside the head with hard truths. My point is, He didn’t sugarcoat. He did everything out of love, yes. But that doesn’t change anything. I know I’m getting off track here, but my point is, these liberals assume they know how Jesus feels about our current political affairs, and that’s bogus.

Besides, if Kimmel and his buddies are going to bring Jesus Christ into the political debate and quote presidential candidates, they should at least have Jesus say, “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE????” You know. About letting four guys die in Benghazi. Right? Anyone? Bueller?

Or what about some of Obama’s quotes? I mean, he’s a Christian, right?

Jimmy you are right about a couple of things: 

You don’t stop bad guys by taking away our guns…with the terrorist you have to take out the terrorists.


God is a very important part of this election.

That’s why we are supporting a very strong, genuine and Christian for President, Senator Ted Cruz. 

We need to return this nation to our Founding Fathers and our Judeo-Christian values. 

And Jimmy – I really could care less what you think, but you should not mock the Lord our God. 




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