If This isn’t a Sign of the End of Times – I don’t know what is


This happened in Russia, but still, I think the End Times are upon us.  Really.

A Russian school boy, a 16-year-old schoolboy, won a prize recently.  One month living with a female Russian porn star.

Really.  He can pass the prize onto a family member if he doesn’t want it.  Really.

16-0225 Teen1

He’ll be moving into a Moscow hotel with Ekaterina Makarova, a porn star in her 20s, the Daily Mail reports.

He’s pretty excited about his “prize.”

16-0225 Teen2

Here’s what he had to say.

I didn’t believe it at first, I thought it was rubbish. But when it turned out to be true, I thanked the website, I was so happy.

I called my friends and they did not believe it either, they said: ‘What are you talking about?’ Now they are happy for me too. Some of them are envious. I saw her and I liked everything, she has got good sizes…. and so on. I am looking forward to our meeting so much, everything is boiling inside me. I am happy so much. I have told my mother and she has taken it badly, but I think we’ll sort it out. When I meet the girl, I’ll say: ‘Hi, I am that very boy, I’ve won you.’

His mom took it badly.  Gee, I wonder why.

I wonder how dad took it?  Think he’s trying to get sonny-boy to pass the “prize” along?

Could we be next?

Hey, maybe Kanye West will have a contest like this and offer Kim as the prize.



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