“I’ll Be Baaaack” is Back: Will they turn on us?

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They’re here!  Robots are going to be taking over the world if Boston Dynamics have anything to do with it.

Here’s Atlas.

We joke, but what happens when a robot is programmed to protect itself? Who’s the biggest threat to the robot?

The answer is: The people who made the robot are the biggest threats, because they know how to pull the plug.

And if those are people – aren’t all people threats? After all, they’ve been programmed to protect themselves. It’s ony logical…

Are fully functioning robots the wave of the future?  Could robots end up doing the “jobs Americans won’t do” and put illegal aliens out of work?

We already got robots on the assembly lines in manufacturing doing lots of assembly and most of the painting in auto manufacturers.  You can bet Atlas could make a burger.  And he could certainly make change better than any high school graduate in any city in the U.S.

Look out, here comes Atlas.


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