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Hillary: This YouTube Video of You is REAL and it’s Not Going Away!


Former secretary of state and presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has long stood accused of being rather unfamiliar with the truth — in other words, she is a liar.

But this Video could destroy Hillary Clinton’s presidential chances FOREVER!

The scandal-plagued Clinton has told so many lies over the past three decades or more that has become difficult to keep them all straight, much less remember them all.

16-0204 Hillary

Thankfully, a short compilation video of just some of her more grandiose and public lies has been put together, and hundreds of thousands of American citizens are watching it now.

The video began with her lie about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia during her time as first lady, a claim easily disproven simply by watching the video of her arrival at the time, where she smiled and shook hands with many people in a casual manner.

It then showed Clinton claiming that all of her grandparents were immigrants to the country, but it turned out that only one of the four grandparents was actually born in a foreign country.

The video then featured Clinton stating her long-standing and full support of marriage equality for gays and lesbians, before showing clips of her as a New York senator expressing her strong belief that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

Just recently, Clinton claimed that her private server was only used to email with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, but Bill has claimed that he has only used email twice in his entire life.

Finally, when running for president in 2008, Hillary claimed that she had been an opponent of the North American Free Trade Agreement from the beginning, yet footage from the mid 1990s showed her enthusiastically throwing her support behind NAFTA.

These are just a handful of the many, many lies and half-truths this woman has told throughout the years. She simply can’t be trusted, and under no uncertain terms should she be considered for the presidency.

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