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Hillary the Victim Humiliated by a Man: So What’s New?


So an older, condescending, white male is publicly humiliating Hillary Clinton, keeping her from her destiny..

No, this isn’t a replay from the 80’s, 90’s or 2008.  It’s Bernie Sanders making her look like the old witch that she is.

In front of millions.


Here’s just a few reactions to the shellacking Hillary recieved in New Hampshire the other night at the old commie hands of Bernie Sanders:

FiveThirtyEight’s David Wasserman: “Tonight Looks Like Clinton’s Worst Night Of The 2016 Campaign Yet…” “In one sense, tonight looks like Clinton’s worst night of the 2016 campaign yet.” (“New Hampshire Primary: Live Coverage,”FiveThirtyEight, 2/9/16)

Politico’s Annie Karni: “A Drubbing So Serious As To Call Into Question Every Aspect Of Her Campaign…” “Both Hillary and Bill Clinton knew she would lose here – but not by this much. Now, after a drubbing so serious as to call into question every aspect of her campaign from her data operation to her message, the wounded front-runner and her allies are actively preparing to retool their campaign, according to Clinton allies.” (Annie Karni, “Clinton Allies Grapple With Crushing Loss,” Politico, 2/9/16)

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith On Clinton Results: “Yikes” (, 2/9/16)

The New York Times’ David R. Jones: “Senator Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton Among Nearly Every Demographic Group…” “Senator Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton among nearly every demographic group in the Democratic New Hampshire primary, according to exit polls.” (“New Hampshire Primary: Live Results,”The New York Times, 2/9/16)

Politico Headline: “Clinton Allies Grapple With Crushing Loss” (Politico, 2/9/16)

The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker: “Stunning Nonetheless For Hillary Clinton To Be Felled In NH…” Rucker Tweet: “I know we’ve seen it coming for weeks, but stunning nonetheless for Hillary Clinton to be felled in NH – by Sanders, and by double digits.” (, 2/9/16)

CNN’s Dylan Byers: “Clinton Camp Can Talk About N.H. Being Just 1 State All It Wants… The Issue Is Lack Of Support Among Key Groups.” Byers Tweet: “Clinton camp can talk about N.H. being just 1 state all it wants. Point isn’t delegates. The issue is lack of support among key groups.” (, 2/9/16)

NBC News’ Chuck Todd: “Among The Biggest Red Flags In The Dem Exits For A Clinton: Sanders Clobbered Her Among ‘Honest/Trust’ Voters And ‘Cares About Me’ Folks.” (, 2/9/16)

The Washington Post Headline: “Sanders Dominates Among Independents, Voters Who Care About Honesty” ( The Washington Post , 2/9/16)

The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold: “Sanders… Trounced Clinton Among Self-Identified Independents, Winning That Group By 72 Percent.” “Exit polls reported by CNN showed that Sanders had trounced Clinton among self-identified independents, winning that group by 72 percent.” (“New Hampshire Primary Live Blog: Trump, Sanders Win,” The Washington Post , 2/9/16)

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza: “Bernie Sanders Looks Likely To Beat Hillary Clinton By A Far Larger Margin In NH Than Barack Obama Beat Her By In IA In 2008.” (, 2/9/16)

I’m sure there’s plenty more, but really – do you want me to pile on?




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