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Hillary Caught Red-Handed Trying to Rig Iowa and New Hampshire Vote!


This story sounds familiar. It’s like pushing the “rewind” button on my DVD. FLASHBACK. 

Remember when not too long ago, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel tried to bury a video of Laquan McDonald’s shooting so he could get re-elected as Mayor of Chicago? Then, he stalled, and successfully it just so happened that the date for the release was AFTER his April election. Which by the way – he won. Then, he tried to bury the dirt again, but was unsuccessful. The video came out. He played the blame game and fired his police chief, and the body in charge of the Independent Police Review Authority. You know, the people that are in charge of handling complaints about officers. I mean why should HE admit it was HIS fault, right?

Now, hit DemocRAT “REPLAY”…


The State Department on Friday will release roughly 2,000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s emails but will delay the final batch of messages until after voters go to the polls in the first several primary states.

In a court filing late on Thursday evening, the department insisted that it “regrets” its inability to publish the final 7,000 pages on Friday, as a federal court ordered it to do last year.

Sounds familiar, right?…DemocRATS at their best.

Yet it defended the delay, blaming an internal oversight and the snowstorm that crippled Washington in the past week.

As part of the process of making the emails public, the State Department is required to have other agencies review Clinton’s emails to check if any information should be redacted or marked as classified.

According to the department, it simply “missed” sending roughly 7,000 pages of emails to other agencies and did not notice the oversight until earlier this month. Its efforts to correct the problem were further delayed by the snowstorm, which closed the federal government through Wednesday.

The department has not even sent out documents to 12 agencies to review, it said.

Last week, the department pushed to delay the final deadline until Feb. 29.

As the journalist who sued the department to force the emails’ release pointed out, however, that would be after voters in the first four primary states have gone to the polls.

“[I]f the Court allows State to delay release of thousands of pages of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s official work emails, a substantial portion of the electorate will be forced to vote without the benefit of important information to which it is entitled about the performance of one of the candidates for U.S. President while serving as Secretary of State,” lawyers opposing the department’s schedule claimed earlier this week.

The Obama administration was unmoved.

“Upcoming electoral events, while admittedly important to the public, do not change the fact that State needs this reasonable amount of additional time to complete the final stage of this enormous and complex undertaking,” lawyers representing the State Department wrote.

Seriously!? Get real! It is time America Wakes Up! We are FED UP with this garbage! I have only one more thing to say…






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