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Here’s How You Deal With the Religion of Pieces …


Muslims have been butchering and enslaving their neighbors pretty much non-stop for 1,400 years.  They’re butchers.  That’s why I refer to Islam as the “Religion of Pieces.”

Recently, a Muslim with a machete went into a deli in Ohio looking for the owner because he had confirmed the owner was an Israeli.  The owner, Hany Baransi, is an Israeli but he happens to be a Christian.  The Muslim, unable to find Mr. Baransi, slashed up a group of patrons, sending at least four to the hospital.  At this time it looks like all will survive.  The Muslim, thankfully, didn’t, he was shot by police running from the scene.

Here’s Mr. Baransi in front of his deli after the attack.  He had a small Israeli flag in the window and that appears to be what caught the attention of the Muslim terrorist.

16-0216 Deli

Now comes the fun part.

Since the attack, Mr. Baransi is not bowed.  He is, after all, an Israeli and they don’t bow to butchers.  Especially Muslim butchers.

Baransi said he has no plans to stop displaying an Israeli flag at his restaurant. Quite to the contrary, he said, he plans to make the flag more prominent.

“Actually I have another flag, and I am going to get a bigger flag, and I am going to get a Star of David necklace and put it on my chest, and I am going to get a tattoo,” the restaurateur told The Tower. “Honest to God, I am not kidding. They don’t scare me. We are Israelis. We are Israelis. We are resilient, we fight back.”

“We are used to these bastards,” Baransi also explained. “We are used to these kinds of attacks, that they hate us just for what we are. They don’t know us, they don’t know anything about us, and they do that. You know, I don’t care if I was an Arab or not, because I am an Israeli, and if you don’t like Israelis you don’t like me.”

Good for you Mr. Baransi.

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