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Genetic discrimination? You Betcha’


Discrimination is a really big deal in public schools these days. I’ve written at length about school districts that have banned parents who questioned forcing their daughter to swear allegiance to Allah, school districts that will expel students who assault teachers, and school districts that forced girls to accept confused boys into their locker rooms.

In this case a school is using privileged medical information to expel a student.

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The situation, odd as it may sound, played out like this. Colman has genetic markers for cystic fibrosis, and kids with the inherited lung disease can’t be near each other because they’re vulnerable to contagious infections. Two siblings with cystic fibrosis also attended Colman’s middle school in Palo Alto, California in 2012. So Colman was out, even though he didn’t actually have the disease, according to a lawsuit that his parents filed against the school district. The allegation? Genetic discrimination.


That information made its way to teachers, who allegedly told the parents of the two other students with cystic fibrosis during a parent-teacher conference. Those parents allegedly demanded the Chadams remove their son from school.

The family has moved away from Palo Alto, the lawsuit continues and the federal government looks like they’re going to weigh in on the side of the family.

In the crazy world of public education nothing surprises me anymore, not even this. I am firmly on the side of the parents in this case, their child posed absolutely no threat to any other children in the school, unlike any of the instances we’ve written about before. In all of those cases students posed a clear and present danger to those around them but were allowed to stay in school.

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This is just another in the endless volumes of reasons why putting your child in public school is child abuse.

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