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Evil Corporations to be targeted by EEOC!


 The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will soon be requiring companies with 100+ employees to give up their salary data, identifying those who do not pay their female employees the same amount that they pay their male employees.

I think they can start with the White House and the Hillary staffers…

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Salaries by Gender – that is their cute name for controlling us even further.

Covering more than 64 million workers, as the announcement said, “data will be used to identify employers that may be engaging in pay discrimination so that the agency can target its enforcement resources where problems may be likeliest to exist”.

This new directive will not require the consent of Congress, as is usual with this President’s rules.  

The pages of the EEOC itself describe just when a company may pay someone doing mostly the same job a different salary.  If you take a look at it, you will see just what American companies will have to do to justify each and every employee’s pay in order to meet the “Salaries by Gender” demands.

From the gov. website:

  • To justify a higher or lower salary, the company must show that the higher pay is based on a seniority system, a merit system or an incentive system. There!  American companies now know what they must institute in order to have a prayer of keeping the Feds out of their business!

They must be able to prove the existence of  more education, more experience, more expertise, and better results.

Part of the reason for this disparity is that many women have not gone to college and they are employed as secretaries, not as managers or executives.

Employers must factor into the cost of child-bearing women the fact that they will be forced to pay for their three months of absence for child care, and then allow them to step back into the same or a similar position when they return.  That costs money. They sometimes need to hire someone to take that position while they are gone.  The alternative, no doubt widely used, is to simply burden the mother’s co-workers with her work.  It is doubtful that co-worker will receive a bonus for working harder and longer so that the mother can take off for three months.  In fact, the Pentagon just endorsed a six month leave of absence instead three.

It will be another colossal waste of money and resources for both our government and companies.  You know the old story for government: new programs = new office space, new furnishings, new hires who will receive health care and pensions and many government days off.

The Law of Unintended Consequences comes in play.  The companies will have to use precious time and man hours filling out more government forms, and will be intimidated by yet another government program telling companies how to do business.  This will increase prices to the consumer due to the increased cost of doing business. It will prevent the company from hiring as many workers and expanding its business due to government oversight and documentation.  Is it any wonder that the larger corporations which can afford to do so just take their company to a different country?

I know I’m old fashioned, but here is a thought.  Perhaps couples should expect to be responsible for their own decisions, such as having a baby and a family.  Perhaps they should not just expect their company and their co-workers to pay for their every personal decision!



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