Entire Restaurant staff refused to serve police officer: Then it gets weird…

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A police officer in Alabama stops by a fast food restaurant for lunch.

He pulls into the drive through, orders burger, and waits. And waits. And waits. He wonders what the hold up is. Hey, maybe the restaurant is being held up! He parks his car and goes in the restaurant. He’s the only one there and three staff member see him. And he waits. Andy waits some more. And he never gets his burger.

He told his wife about it when he got home and she took to social media. Here’s a Facebook post

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Needless to say it went viral

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And then the local media picked it up.

The Krystal hamberger chain finally figured out that a public relations nightmare on her hands and issued a statement or two. Here’s the last statement they issued.

After a thorough investigation, our Regional Vice President and District Manager met with Chief Ken Atkinson of the Irondale Police Department to allay any concerns of perceived discrimination at our restaurant. All parties left the meeting satisfied that a proper investigation had been conducted and that this was not a case of discrimination.

We remain disappointed that we did not live up to our commitment to deliver fast and friendly service to our guests in the Irondale restaurant and will redouble our training efforts to improve in those areas.

We also remain committed to our longstanding relationship with the men and women who protect the communities in which we do business. We have a long history of working with officers on community projects and of providing officers with a place to take a break and enjoy free or discounted meals while on duty. We appreciate and respect what the men and women in law enforcement do for us every day.

As part of the Irondale community for over 40 years, it is our collective hope that the Irondale Police Department and Krystal will forge an even stronger relationship going forward.

Full disclosure: I’ve been around corporate BS for more decades than I want to admit. This statement from Krystal is the blue ribbon winner. Or should that be the “Brown Ribbon” winner? The statement is shameful display of crap.

“After a thorough investigation…” I’ve got $10 that says the “investigation” consisted of somebody from headquarters calling the store manager with one question. “What the hell are you people doing down there?” After the answer came this, “Well dammit don’t do it again.”

As for “fast and friendly service to our guests” if you believe that one I’ve got some great swampland just south of Phoenix that you’ll love. And “training efforts?” Right.

Inquiring minds would like to know couple of things that the statement doesn’t address in the news report didn’t either.

  1. Who got fired?
  2. Specifically, what training is being implemented?
  3. Is this a problem in all Krystal restaurants or just at Ironwood?

I’ve got more follow-ups, but you get the idea.

Somehow I have the feeling that Krystal management is about to find this problem isn’t over.

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