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Jeb Bush is out of money and campaign staff will be getting their last check on Saturday, according to my sources inside the campaign.

Why is he out of money and why may this cause him to drop out of the GOP race (fingers crossed!!)?

Because Donald Trump flat-out humiliated him not only as a candidate, but as a man. “LIKE” my Facebook Page – no one turned away!

Honest to god as much as I don’t want Jeb Bush to be President, I’ve been starting to feel sorry for the guy. Big Bully Donald “John the Baptist” Trump just took the guy apart on national television and has been doing so pretty much for the past three months.

The word is out that Jeb and his Super-PAC have burned through literally hundreds of millions of dollars and has just $15 left to throw a no-doubt, pretty boring party.

Rand Paul? Trump knock-out.

Carly? Trump knock-out.

Chris Christie? Trump out Christ-ied him.

Jeb now on the way out and you just watch. You know who’s next on the bill to be counting tiles and retrieving his jock-strap from the floor? Marco Rubio. I know you’re thinking that Trump has his sites set on cruz, but stop believing that right now. They’re playing pro-wrestling at best.


Donald Trump has taken the arrows from the press, the dems, the GOP establishment – even the Pope – and laughed in their faces.

I love what he’s done even though guy’s like Trump repulse me. The fact is, sometimes you need Cujo to walk in front of you so you don’t get bit.

Kasich? Hope he wins Ohio and can promptly go back there to govern for a while longer – he says he’s doing a bang-up job. Bully for you John.

CRUZ ’16 – count it. By the time Ted racks up enough States and delegates, there won’t be anyone left for the Donald to endorse but the Cuban Terror.

Oh, Dr. Ben Carson – almost forgot. Well… he did separate conjoined twins – but Donald Trump has actually DATED twins, so there’s that.

Trump? How about a kick-ass Reality TV show all about him buidling that wall? I’d watch it and love him forever for it.

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