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Dog Abuser Who Duct-Taped Dog and Left it to Die GETS THIS! YES!


Animal lover? Yeah. Guilty.

Just because some idiots have hijacked the so-called “Animal Rights” movement for their own hidden agenda will never stop me from loving animals and doing whatever I can to stop them from being abused.

Horrific stories like this make me embarrassed to be a part of the human race sometimes – but at least this one has a happy ending!

dog abuser1

A tiny dog was found by a Good Samaritan behind a Canadian shopping center  with his snout and legs cruelly bound with electrical tape..

The Patterdale terrier was immediately rushed to a emergency vet hospital where it was determined the dog would not have survived more than a few hours longer.

The dog was named “Justice” after he appeared to be on the mend and a social media campaign was begun to track down the dog’s owner.

It turns out that Justice’s previous owners, Jessica Hems and Adam Esipu, had given the dog to Michael Earl Hill on December 15 and asked him to surrender the dog to the humane society. The couple had a newborn daughter who was allergic to the 7-year-old dog and gave Hill $60 for the surrender fee. However, instead of taking the dog to the shelter, Hill bound the small dog up and left him to die in a field.

After pictures of Justice came to the couple’s attention, Esipu went to the humane society and turned Hill in, who was charged with animal cruelty by police and on February 1, 2016 – pleaded guilty to a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. Hill will spend the next 2 years in a federal prison.

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Melanie Coulter of the humane society said of Justice, “He is a very sweet dog, obviously still recovering and still in a lot of pain, but we’re expecting him at this point to make a full recovery eventually.”

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