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“To God Be The Glory”…those were the words out of Sen. Ted Cruz’s mouth on the night of the win in Iowa for the Iowa Caucuses!

Not only did Cruz win the first state in the 2016 race, but he set an historical record (over 43,608 votes) for the most votes for a Republican in an Iowa Caucus! #GrassrootsMatter  

Cruz finished at 28 percent with 99 percent of the Iowa precincts reporting, Trump at 24 percent, and Sen. Rubio came in third with 23%.

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“Let me first of all say, to God be the glory,” Cruz said at his watch party at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. “Tonight is a victory for the grassroots. … Tonight the state of Iowa has spoken. Iowa has sent notice.”

An emotional Ted Cruz quoted psalms and scriptures as he celebrated his win in the Iowa caucuses and declared it a victory for the grassroots over the Washington establishment.

Flanked by his wife and parents Senator Cruz took to the stage Elwell Center in Iowa State Fair with the words: ‘To God be the glory. God bless the great state of Iowa.’

To rapturous applause, whoops and hollers from the 500 or so party faithful who had waited patiently for the senator’s arrival he declared: ‘Tonight is a victory for the grassroots.’


‘Tonight is a victory for the greatest conservatives across Iowa. Tonight the state of Iowa has spoken.’

In what appeared to be a sideswipe at Trump, he added: ‘Iowa has sent a note that the next President of the United States will not be chosen by the media. He will not be chosen by the Washington establishment [or]by the lobbyists…but will be chosen by the most incredible powerful force, where all sovereignty resides in this nation – by we the people.’

Quoting from Psalm 30, to knowing comments and applause from the assembled faithful he noted: ‘Weeping may tarry for the night but joy cometh with the morning.’

Shouts of ‘Amen!’ and ‘Alleluia!’ could be heard as he stated – in a nod to Ronald Reagan’s slogan ‘It’s morning in America’: ‘Tonight Iowa has proved to the world that morning is coming.’

‘Iowa loves you Ted!’ shouted a member of the crowd. ‘And I love Iowa’ came the senators response.

Glory be to God! Our Rights come from our Creator! 

When will the GOP and Establishment candidates wake up and realize – you can not win this race without a ground game? We The People elect a President, not the media, not the lobbyists, not the Washington Establishment. Cruz overwhelmingly had that ground game with the support of over 800 volunteers at Camp Cruz in Iowa, and over 12,000 volunteers statewide.  

Ted Cruz is the RIGHT man for the RIGHT time – a strong, Christian, Conservative who will right this nation. He will return this country to the U.S. Constitution, repeal Obamacare, return our nation to Judeo-Christian values, restore our military, utterly destroy ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism,  and unite the UNITED States of America. 

God Bless America! God Bless Ted Cruz!!!

Let’s continue to fight the good fight! #CruzCrew

Written by Nancy Hayes

Follow on Twitter: @bodybynance


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