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When a Kid Desecrates an American Flag – Here’s What Happens


A stupid high school student in Pennsylvania set off a firestorm with Facebook post of him standing on an American flag.

Rather that being taught civics, kids are being taught that America is the bane of the world and the flag is a symbol of hate.

Here’s a perfect example:

16-0221 Flag1

A controversial photo showing a Pennsylvania student standing on the American flag while another makes a vulgar gesture is creating a firestorm on social media.

The photo appears to be taken in a Richland Township classroom and shows a male student standing on the flag, while a female student flips off the camera and sticks out her tongue.

The photo was posted on Facebook by a former Richland Township High School student over the weekend and has already been shared thousands of times.

The boy’s mother says he did a “stupid and impulsive thing” and that he has apologized. She issued the response through the American Civil Liberties Union.

It turns out that these punks aren’t representative of the student body at Richland Township High School.

Under the nation’s microscope, Richland School District students returned to school Wednesday for the first time since a photo surfaced showing a student sullying a U.S. flag at school – a move that has ignited outrage across the country.

Some arrived in trucks bearing flags that fluttered in the air on the windy hilltop campus. Others arrived together, circling the high school’s parking lot and making a single lap past Richland’s main entrance – and uniformed police officers stationed there – before parking and exiting their vehicles, some dressed in patriotic attire.

16-0221 Flag2

But then, by the hundreds, they quietly entered the school, with several saying they hoped the world will move on, too.

“We’re just here to show that Richland does support the troops … and two kids can’t destroy the reputation of a beautiful school like we have,” Richland student Spencer Malinish said, wearing a hooded sweatshirt accented in red, white and blue.

To the student body at Richland, thank you for standing up to the punks in your midst.  It’s a lesson for all of us.  Those two are meaningless.  And mom, your apology doesn’t mean anything.  You raised a punk.



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