Dear Patriot, Political Correctness is Killing America!

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I’d like to share the good news about a forthcoming important new conservative book! It’s time for one of those time-to-times. My good pal Nick Adams, the cheerful Down Under fan of Old Glory and best-sellling author has a brand new book coming out!

I’ve just received my copy of Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness, and if there was ever a book for these troubling times of multicultural madness, this is it. Political correctness is running amock worldwide, and in Retaking America, Nick Adams argues that it must be crushed-and that only America can do it.

My rule: We have to let the publicists earn a living. And here’s what they have to say about Retaking America and Nick Adams:

“Political Correctness has ripped through America, turning life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness into lifelessness, suppression and the pursuit of mediocrity. In support of political correctness, sneering columnists are seeking out opinions they don’t like and punishing them, speakers are being canceled on college campuses and people are being vilified for exercising their religious liberty.

Meanwhile, Europe is in its death throes, completely infected by the political correctness disease.

Australian Nick Adams believes only America has the cure. But the race is on. Will America be able to save itself in time, and lead a stunning turnaround-or will it succumb to a European fate?

With creativity, flair and his trademark wit, Australian Nick Adams deftly exposes why political correctness is behind every problem in America today, and why it is every American’s patriotic duty to defy politically correct mandates. He explains Americans face a momentous choice in this election year, and lays out a roadmap for an American renaissance.”

Good job publicists! Meanwhile, here’s what some pretty smart people (except the one named Fowler) have to say about Nick and Retaking America (which has a powerful foreword by Dennis Prager):

Ben Carson : “He recognizes that the source of American exceptionalism is the people and not the government.”

Dick Morris : “Nick Adams is the antidote to all the doubts the Left has sown among us about America’s mission. . . . he has come to know us well, and love us.

Ed Feulner : “Nick Adams-the de Tocqueville traveler of our times-has captured the essence of why America is destined to remain great.”

National Review : “. . . a powerful pep talk for Team USA . . . the kind of bracing, snap-out-of-it, kick-in-the-pants that a great nation needs. . . .”

Get your copy of Nick Adams’ important new takedown of political correctness. Now. You can order Retaking America: Crushing Political Correctness here:

All the best,

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