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Dear Media: The Tea Party is Dead? … about that:


Libs, Dems and their lapdogs in the media have been saying it since 2010: The Tea Party is dead and it wasn’t a real movement anyway, it was just astroturf funded by the Koch Brothers, Halliburton and um, … ooh, look – cows!

Here’s some food for thought: Two hispanic and one black GOP candidates got over 60% of the Republican vote in Iowa, a predominantly white, Christian, evangelical State. However, two old, lilly-white, Dems got 99% of their Party’s vote. (Hat tip: The great Dr. Mark Braunstein)


Listen up losers- anybody with any experience in business, sports or life in general knows this: Never underestimate your opponent.

And who are Liberal’s opponents? The American people are the enemy. People who believe in limited government are the enemy. People who believe in The Constitution – and I’m talking about ALL of the Amendments and not just when it suits you. Conservatives, people of Faith, job-creators – the list goes on. All enemies of the State – all enemies of libs, Dems and their lapdogs in the press.

You’ve been underestimating us for quite some time now, haven’t you?

When Barack Obama was elected, he had huge majorities in the House, in the Senate, Governors, State Legislators and most unions. He crammed ObamaCare, Onerous Regulations, Taxes, Executive Actions and “Stimulus” scams down the American collective throat.


So we stopped what we were doing (raising families, working, paying taxes, starting businesses, pursuing happiness, etc.) rose up and started throwing you bastards out of office.

It took a while, but now the GOP has all those things libs used to have, except The White House.

But that doesn’t matter – like idiots, you’re still underestimating us. Cruz can’t win – he’s a crazy Christian, Tea Party, Conservative nut who actually does in office what he said he was going to do while campaigning!


Keep it up, liberals – you’re well on your way to the utopian State you dream of..

Now the bad news: You may have to swim or row. Why don’t you flip a coin? Hey – it worked for Hillary…


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