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Daughter Ivanka Trump Steps Up and Lets it Fly About Dad


GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, was interviewed recently on the radio show “Sirius XM Breitbart News Daily” by host Stephen K. Bannon, who is also the executive chairman of Breitbart News. Ivanka shared her opinion about her father’s qualifications of being President of the United States.

Ivanka talked about what it was like growing up with Donald and what it has been like working with him for 10 years at the Trump Organization.


“I’ve seen him in the capacity obviously as a father, and a very loving one, and also as an incredible executive who built an amazing company. And he really is remarkable,” Ivanka said.

“Ultimately I think the testament to any person is their track record and that’s not just their professional track record, of which his is well known, he is enormously accomplished, he’s employed tens of thousands of people, he’s achieved success in multiple industries at the highest level.”

Ivanka continued on, “His professional accomplishments are nothing short of remarkable.”

Ivanka, who is now a parent herself, commented about how she now understands the difficulty in raising privileged children with the “right moral compass.”

Bannon mentioned her book called “The Trump Card.” In the book, Ivanka talks about how her parents raised her to be confident and persevere.

“One of the things he would always say to us is you have to do what it is you are passionate about. If you want to achieve success at that high level you have to be passionate about it because if you’re not you won’t put in the work. And then it comes down to perseverance. So without grit it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter how good your idea is, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, you’re just going to get outworked. My whole life he is a worker;he is relentless.”

Ivanka remembered her earliest memories of playing on the floor of her father’s office with toys while he was in the middle of big business meetings.

“He always included us in his world in that regard.”

“That’s really the story of my father, he’s a hard worker,” Ivanka remarked.


The rest of the story is at Impulse Today

It’s interesting to me that she would bring up “the right moral compass” given everything we know about Chelsea Clinton.  By all accounts Chelsea has inherited the worst qualities of both her parents.  Of course, we have to remember that Ivanka was talking about raising privileged children and we know that Chelsea grew up in poverty.



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